Amazing customer service and great support! The crew was great. 10/10 all of the guys and ladies were awesome! Thank you so much Jim for helping me out every step of the way!

Crystal Pugh

The Company was quick, professional and very responsive. My roof was complete in two days.

Yvair Thompson

Jim and his crew were very helpful and professional. They kept me informed every step of the way from installation repair and inspection. The roof looks great!!

Debra Bullard

Jim and jeremy were great .roof was started and completed on one day everything cleaned up and was the best bid of 5.enquirys.know who to reccomend next time i meet smeone

Alan Whitehouse

Look no more you have found the right company! They went above and beyond to make sure that this older flat roof home was done properly! It exceeded my expeditions and looks amazing! It was a difficult project that other companies wanted to charge a lot more to remove the old materials and replace all the damaged wood, or not do it at all. Ready Roofing was wonderful, as soon as they realized the problems, they contacted me about them, and reassured me that they would remove and repair all the damaged areas on the roof and if there was any additional cost it would be minimal as noted in estimate. Their workers were professional and considerate for my son working from home, and all our animals, and plants around the house were protected and kept safe during the process. They took their time and effort and they were able to replace the roof with a beautiful roof that totally transformed the appearance of my home (thanks to Stephanie for the color suggestions!) Their roofers are knowledgeable, hardworking good people! Ready Roofing did an outstanding job at a very reasonable cost using the same materials and methods that the other companies do. I highly recommend Ready Roofing for any of your roofing needs!

Samantha Church

Wow, they are outstanding! If you are looking for a great company to not only do your work, but appreciate and value your business you found them! They will be here before and after they do work for you!
Look no further, they provide quality workmanship, materials, and modern custom-tailored services. I contacted five top rated roofing companies in Jacksonville for an old, difficult house, fortunately a dear friend insisted that I contact Ready Roofing before doing anything and I'm so glad I did!
They came out the day I contacted them, and had me a quote that was very reasonably priced by the end of the day! I pointed out how the other companies told me it would cost more because of problems and Ready Roofing told me that hand loading the dumpster was no problem and no reason to charge me extra, and that the flat area of the added roof was included in the quoted price to be correctly replaced and finally drain properly.
They were respectful, helpful, and innovative! Jim suggested that the tall old whirly vent be replaced with a solar vent that would be much more efficient and should save me money on energy costs. I did my research and found that almost everyone who converted to the solar vents praised them. I am very pleased with the quality, value, and service not just during, but afterwards Ready Roofing has provided me!

denise church

I found my spare bedroom ceiling leaking in 5 different spots, I called my warranty company and they recommended ready roofing. They were out the next business day and on my roof fixing the issue before I knew it! Explained everything to me and were very professional and friendly! Will definitely use them again if ever need too!

Valerie Andryc

If you are in need of a roof or repairs, by all means consider Ready Roofing. Jim and his staff are professional, efficient, and priced fairly! This company came to my aid at a time of great need, and I could not be happier with the results! Give them a call. You will not be sorry!

marty heather

For there wonderful work. And thanks to Jim who had to jump through hoops with the city of Callahan

maurice hobbs